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Welcome to AWI

The Association of Workplace Investigators is a professional membership association for attorneys, human resource professionals, private investigators, and many others who conduct, manage, or have a professional interest in workplace investigations.

Our mission is to promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace investigations.

We have over 900 members in 41 US states and territories and Canada, and a few in other countries. Some of our members are internal workplace investigators who work inside a company, and some are external investigators. AWI was founded in California in 2009, and most of our members and programs are still in California. However, the expansion of our membership and programs is occurring mostly outside California.

We offer training and education programs about conducting impartial workplace investigations, publish Guiding Principles for Conducting Workplace Investigations and the AWI Journal, our quarterly peer-reviewed professional journal, and provide other benefits for our members and the public. As a professional membership association, AWI does not conduct or manage workplace investigations, provide expert testimony about workplace investigations, or provide other such professional services.

If you are in need of such professional services you may wish to contact one of our members directly. Anyone with a professional interest in workplace investigations is welcome to join AWI, so membership in AWI  does not determine professional competence. AWI does not verify license information provided by our members, so license information should be verified directly with the applicable licensing agency. If you are interested in more information about AWI, please feel free to look around our website, email us at, or call us at 1+ (844) 422-2294, and we will be happy to help.

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