AWI Training Institute: Certificate Program
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AWI Training Institute is an accredited certificate program that consists of four days of training and one half day of testing. Participants will take a series of three tests to assess their knowledge of the materials taught, interviewing skills, and analysis and report writing skills. Students who achieve passing scores on each assessment receive a certificate and the ability to use the certificate designation of AWI-CH, Association of Workplace Investigators Certificate Holder. Passing scores must be achieved within one year of Institute attendance.

AWI Assessments

  • AWI Knowledge Test: A one and three-quarter hour multiple choice knowledge test (Passing Score: 70% of scored items)
  • AWI Interview Assessment: 20-minute individual, oral interview (Passing Score: Overall rating of “Acceptable”)
  • AWI Analysis and Report Writing Assessment: A one and one-half hour report writing test to which the student will write the answer on a computer provided by AWI (Passing Score: Overall rating of “Acceptable”)

For additional information about the policies regarding the AWI Certificate Program, please refer to our Certificate Issuance, Use and Monitoring Policy.

AWI Training Institute Certificate Holders

I am so proud of this achievement which I know would not have occurred with all the teaching and support given throughout the week. More than that, I can't tell you how pleased I am to now have a community of investigators. That to me is invaluable.

Baltimore 2017 Institute Graduate

The AWI Training Institute and certificate program is ANSI certified.