Call for AWI Journal Articles

The AWI Journal is seeking proposals for articles to be published in the quarterly publication of the Association of Workplace Investigators. AWI Journal articles focus on the many different aspects of workplace investigations, such as legal issues (how the law applies to the work of investigators), practical matters, similarities and differences between workplace investigations and other fields of endeavor, and developments in the law.

Articles include: 1.) substantive feature articles (3,000 to 5,000 words) usually authored by an attorney or a human resource professional; 2.) case notes (900 words), shorter articles focusing on recent legal decisions or laws and their potential impact; and 3.) articles that examine past employment laws or court decisions that affect workplace investigations today (900 to 2,000 words).

Our readership spans 35 U.S. states and territories, Canada, Australia and a few other countries, so please no local issues unless they have larger implications on workplace investigations.

The AWI Journal is read by all members of the Association of Workplace Investigators, a professional membership association for attorneys, human resource professionals, private investigators, and many others who conduct, manage, or have a professional interest in workplace investigations. Some of our members are internal workplace investigators who work inside a company, and some are external investigators. AWI's mission is to promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace investigations. For more information, please visit our website

If you would like to write an article, please send a brief one- or two-paragraph description to editor Susan Woolley at If you have URLs to previously published articles that are relevant to your pitch, please include them in your email. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.

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